If you think that all Olmos Park boot camps are alike,
we have a ski resort on the equator in South America that we would like to sell you at a great price!

Yes we know that sounds like an obnoxious remark, but if that’s the way you really feel about Olmos Park boot camps, we are obligated to tell you why you are wrong.  We’re guessing that you got burned in the past by another Olmos Park boot camp that promised you dynamic results and only delivered empty promises.  But we also know why that happened and why you think you failed.

First of all, most of the other Olmos Park boot camps and other similar fitness and weight loss facilities in Texas don’t employ real trainers.  That may sound shocking but it’s true.  They hire average people off the street, make them a name badge, and hand them a clipboard so that they look really important when they are lying to you about what they can do and trying to trick you into signing up for one of their Olmos Park boot camp fitness and weight loss programs. 

That person is only there for one reason – to sell more memberships and fatten their paychecks.  They have only one goal and it isn’t seeing that you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.  And because they really had no clue what they were doing, all you got was empty promises about the results you were sure to see and stuck on some boring piece of exercise equipment for hours at a time while never seeing any noticeable results.  What was the sense in spending your hard-earned money on a crappy program like that?

There’s no hype and no lies.  Our Olmos Park boot camp programs work and we have the track record to prove it!



Aren’t you tired of spending all your free time in the gym? Are you dreading the next cardboard meal that they call part of the recommended diet? Do you want to have a life outside of that Olmos Park boot camp program? Then come talk with one of our personal trainers and find out why we have the best fitness boot camp programs in the great state of Texas.  We even go out on a limb and guarantee the results you will see.  None of the other Olmos Park boot camps out there do that.

You won’t have to subject yourself to the torture of spending all the hours that you did in that other Olmos Park boot camp without seeing any results because our programs only involve 3 intense yet exciting workouts every week.  You’ll be surprised at how easy these exercises are, but you’ll be amazed at how rapidly you start seeing results.  And you are still going to have the necessary time to fulfill your career and family responsibilities because you can still have a life outside the gym.  So what are you waiting for?

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