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Reading food labels is linked to weight loss success

Published on November 29, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

Reading food label Reading food labels is linked to weight loss success

There is something you can do easily right now that can make you lose weight effortlessly: read food labels when you go grocery shopping. In fact, a study that was released in 2010 chronicled how the likelihood of losing weight increased by how much you pay attention to the food labels. When you try to lose weight and are in a fitness program, you have to be aware of what food you take in and that is why label reading is vital. Any strategy you may have in your fitness program can be enhanced just by being aware of the ingredients of any packaged foods you eat.

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Healthy Dining Tips for Thanksgiving

Published on November 24, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

Eat variety of foods Healthy Dining Tips for ThanksgivingFor most of us trying to maintain a healthy weight during holidays like Thanksgiving are a battleground of calorie rich foods and self-control. You need not go to extreme measures such as skipping Thanksgiving altogether if your self-control is weak. There are great ways to stay healthy and still enjoy yourself in the company of your family and friends.

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Are You Warm Enough?

Published on October 27, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

Whether engaging in a simple cardio exercise or a strenuous training regimen, warming up is essential. Without a proper warm-up, you’re placing yourself at increased risk for sprains, cramps or injuries. A proper warm up can increase the blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness, less risk of injury and improved performance.warm up1 Are You Warm Enough?

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Why San Antonio Fitness Boot Camp?

Published on October 18, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

bootcamp Why San Antonio Fitness Boot Camp?

A growing trend in the fitness industry are boot camp style classes in which participants are encouraged to physically push the limits of what they accomplish during their workout. Classes can take place inside a traditional gym or outside, weather permitting and can vary greatly in size.  The benefits of boot camp classes are numerous and well recognized.
First of all, working out in a supportive environment that pushes your boundaries will help prevent excuses for why you can’t accomplish your fitness goals from surfacing in your head. Many times people rationalize reasons why they can’t push themselves at the gym, and this causes them to simply stay in their comfort zones and not progress. Although a boot camp may seem scary at first, it will ultimately help you reach your personal fitness goals more quickly.
The group atmosphere will increase your motivation to keep going after whatever goals you’ve set out to accomplish.  Working out with a group of people with a similar drive to improve or maintain their fitness will build a sense of camaraderie that will stifle any urge to give in to an excuse to not attend. Most boot camp fitness programs run several weeks long so spending several weeks with the same crew should definitely get one motivated to push themselves and build new friendships.
Finally, by actually paying for the class you are ensuring that no excuse holds you back. After all, why pay for a class and not attend? That would just rob you of not only your money, but the many benefits of boot camp classes. Use the fact you’ve made the commitment (not only mentally but financially) as leverage to get as many of the benefits as possible from the instructor and the class.

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How San Antonio Weight Loss Boot Camps Can Add Years to Your Life

Published on October 11, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

boot1 How San Antonio Weight Loss Boot Camps Can Add Years to Your Life

Fitness is no longer a hobby but a requirement of modern life. Your body is designed for a challenging, active lifestyle and performs best at that level. Sitting in front of a computer or ordering in pizza is an easier life, but it quickly saps your health and reduces the number of healthy, fulfilling years you can enjoy!

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San Antonio Fit For Life Takes on the Holiday Season!

Published on October 6, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

holiday1 San Antonio Fit For Life Takes on the Holiday Season!Let’s face it: most people do end up gaining a few extra pounds during the holiday season. After all, the next few months are all about celebrating life, friendship, and family. At Fit for Life, we think you should enjoy these special times, but we also want you to stay fit and healthy!

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Join the Fit for Life Personal Fitness Training Boot Camp Program

Published on September 20, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

Bootcamp1 Join the Fit for Life Personal Fitness Training Boot Camp Program The primary objective of weight loss boot camp is to assist individuals in losing weight. A stronger body and improved cardiovascular health are also some of the benefits that come with joining a boot camp. Ideally, each individual should exercise not only to look great but ultimately, to be healthy.  However, a great number of people struggle to find the time to work out. In situations like these, joining a boot camp fitness program can be your best option.

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