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Healthy Dining Tips for Thanksgiving

Published on November 24, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

Eat variety of foods Healthy Dining Tips for ThanksgivingFor most of us trying to maintain a healthy weight during holidays like Thanksgiving are a battleground of calorie rich foods and self-control. You need not go to extreme measures such as skipping Thanksgiving altogether if your self-control is weak. There are great ways to stay healthy and still enjoy yourself in the company of your family and friends.

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Anti-Oxidants : The Superfoods You Should Not Ignore

Published on November 17, 2011 By Nathaniel Dilworth

Antioxic the super foods Anti Oxidants : The Superfoods You Should Not Ignore

Eating food rich in anti-oxidants  should be on everyone’s list. Especially if you are about to start a fitness program or are already in one. Anti-oxidants help people succeed in their fitness programs by boosting the mind and body by supplying you with all the vitamins your body needs. Whether you are doing personal training or actually train in a personal training studio, incorporating anti-oxidants  in your diet is a must. Anti-oxidants  restore the body’s delicate equilibrium by shielding the cells of the body from free radicals. We are increasingly exposed to free radicals as a result of pollution and unhealthy diets.

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