Want to Lose Weight In 2012? San Antonio Personal Trainer Nathaniel Dilworth Explains How.

28271iuxfktxav7 Want to Lose Weight In 2012? San Antonio Personal Trainer Nathaniel Dilworth Explains How.Along with choosing that wonderful party dress and the dance music for the fabulous party on New Year’s Eve, the next consideration for the new year is what to do about the ten, twenty or more pounds that have hung around and really are not what you want. The diet season is really upon us and it is now time to gather at the gate on January 1st and get ready for some personal development through diet and exercise. Nothing ventured and nothing gained, and once again, nothing tried and nothing accomplished. This is the way that one can succeed at losing weight. It begins with two things: goal setting and effort.

There are two things that need to be developed in an effective eating plan. No eating plan works without exercise. None of them. There has to be an exercise component associated with sensible eating. Choose a sport, dance or exercise regimen that you can stick too. Start with that. Once the habit of exercise gets ingrained (for the brain that means at least three weeks), then adding a good eating plan makes all the more sense. Why do the exercise plan first? When you see what the exercise is doing, then you will be further motivated to add a sound nutritional plan that will help you meet your goals faster.

Now comes the tough part – nutrition. Forget the traditional mindset of “going on” a “diet.”  The best eating regimens are composed of foods that you can eat and like to eat, and the ones that give the greatest nutritional value.  Reduce convenience, pre-packaged, and fast foods. Aim for whole foods and overall a reduction in sugar. More of the good and less of the bad is the way to go.

Small steps and small changes one at a time, coupled with your best efforts to make lasting changes…this will combine to be the most effective formula for a balanced New You in the New Year.

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