Cheers! Nathanial Dilworth, San Antonio’s Top Personal Trainer Explains the Benefits of Water

3421273yn5b426m Cheers! Nathanial Dilworth, San Antonio’s Top Personal Trainer Explains the Benefits of Water

No matter which personal trainer you talk to you will hear that drinking enough fluid is very essential to the human body, especially when exercising because water helps the body to remove waste and toxic materials through sweat and urine and bowel movements. When these waste materials are removed from the body, body tissues and cells cannot get poisoned and therefore you remain healthier. Moreover, the body is better able to fight diseases since water is part of lymph fluid which is a part of immune system.

Another importance of staying hydrated is regulated body temperature. The human body functions well within a narrow range of temperature. Higher temperature beyond the range can cause brain damage or other vital organs.
Staying hydrated improves the ability to eat and digest food, because water in the saliva and mucous help in moving food through the digestive tract. In addition to that, the skin is kept moist and elastic and reduces the risk of developing dry skin complications and infections.

Another reason to stay hydrated is that it helps to keep muscles strong and active. Water helps in removing toxins and making the muscles to be more efficient when doing exercises or other physical labor.
Generally, staying hydrated all the time can also help in maintaining a healthier weight or lose weight. Here, when water is taken instead of soda to quench somebody’s thirst, no calories are added into the body. In addition to that, it suppresses or distracts your appetite therefore, help you to lose weight.

Finally, during weight loss, water is also needed to flush out the byproducts of the fat being broken down in the body.
So here’s to your health…drink up!

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