Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

healthy holiday Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Everybody knows the holidays are known for the abundance of food. It is very tempting to fall off the health wagon if you let your guard down. But if you are firm in your resolve to follow your fitness program, getting the nutrition you need won’t be as difficult as you think. The Holidays can be enjoyable and delicious too if you make the necessary preparations.

Some tips you can follow if you are cooking for your brood:

#1 The rule of thumb is to substitute the ingredients of old standbys with less fat, calories and sodium. They are still the same but healthier so take it easy with the butter and salt.

#2 For ingredients with fat, why not try to buy their healthier alternatives like low-fat butter, non-fat yogurt and even fat-free substitutes.

#3 If you are feeling adventurous, why not search in Google for new recipes for the Holidays? There are lots of easy and popular healthy Holiday recipes people have written that are sure to be a hit with your family.

#4 Don’t stop with just the main meal. Turn leftovers into great healthy dishes that you can eat after. Again, Google is a great way to find fantastic healthy recipes for leftover turkey and what-have-yous.

If you are the guest, there are many easy ways to eat healthy and still have a good time:

#1 Eat a normal breakfast. This way you will have a better measure of control of yourself around rich Holiday food. There is a proven tendency to overeat if you starve yourself before going to the Holiday dinners or parties.

#2 Pick your food carefully. Make sure the food you eat is a combination of vegetables, meat and starch. Don’t just fill your plate with one food category. This assures that you are still eating food your body needs. By doing this your body will not easily feel that hungry.

#3 Eat in moderation. The Holidays are all about abundance and there surely will be tons of food served. However, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass. Try to sample all the dishes in small portions.

#4 Don’t forget the water. Drink lots of water and make sure you keep the alcohol to a minimum level. When the body is dehydrated (alcohol can do that) it sends signals that you might think as hunger signals but in fact it needs water. So remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water.

#5 Stop eating when you are full. If you feel your stomach has reached its limits, start socializing with people beside you. It will make you think of other things instead of food.

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