Reading food labels is linked to weight loss success

Reading food label Reading food labels is linked to weight loss success

There is something you can do easily right now that can make you lose weight effortlessly: read food labels when you go grocery shopping. In fact, a study that was released in 2010 chronicled how the likelihood of losing weight increased by how much you pay attention to the food labels. When you try to lose weight and are in a fitness program, you have to be aware of what food you take in and that is why label reading is vital. Any strategy you may have in your fitness program can be enhanced just by being aware of the ingredients of any packaged foods you eat.

There is a basic rule to label reading: if you can’t read it, don’t eat it. Sounds simple enough, right? There’s a good reason for it. If you see the ingredients list and don’t understand half of it, it just means the food is overly processed which is not good for your health. If you must buy packaged foods, make sure to buy items that are wholly natural and beneficial to the body.

Pay attention to the serving size. It determines how much nutrition and calories you are getting from the item you bought. If the serving size of the packaged food is 3, then triple that amount to get the value for the entire package. Let’s say the calorie content is 50 calories. You have to triple that amount which is 150 to get the real calorie intake.

Be very careful of calories from fat. Don’t only consider total calories but pay attention to how many calories are from saturated fat. High amounts of saturated fat and trans fats should be avoided. Why? These are the “bad fats” that are in part responsible for a number of chronic conditions, including obesity. So try to buy packaged foods which have low to no saturated or trans fats at all.

Finally, don’t be fooled by labels that say “no trans fats!” Manufacturers are tricky and make full use of the loophole in the law that states if an item contains less than 1g then they may claim “zero.” This may seem like a miniscule amount, but when an entire package of something is consumed that is labelled as multiple servings (as is often the case), the amount of trans fats can add up quickly. To avoid this – first be sure to pay attention to serving sizes, but second, be aware of “hydrogenated” oils listed in the ingredients list. These are trans fats.

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