Healthy Dining Tips for Thanksgiving

Eat variety of foods Healthy Dining Tips for ThanksgivingFor most of us trying to maintain a healthy weight during holidays like Thanksgiving are a battleground of calorie rich foods and self-control. You need not go to extreme measures such as skipping Thanksgiving altogether if your self-control is weak. There are great ways to stay healthy and still enjoy yourself in the company of your family and friends.

If you are a guest:

Never go hungry to a Thanksgiving party. Why? Your measure of self-control to eat less is inadequate if your stomach is empty of food. At the very least, eat a breakfast in a portion that you normally take.

Choose your food wisely. Sure the Thanksgiving dinner you are attending may be replete with many food choices but make sure that whatever food you are taking keeps a healthy balance of meat, vegetables and starch.  At least you’ll know you can “safely” eat what you brought.

Eat in small portions. You might want to sample all the side dishes but do it with caution. Consume in small portions and don’t forget there’s still the dessert.

Socialize with other guests. The highlight of any holiday party is the company, not the food. By talking with other guests food becomes the background not the main event. It will also distract you from eating too much.

Take it slow. Savor the food by eating slowly. You won’t get full as quickly when you eat slowly.

Drink lots of water. Sometimes you may think you’re still hungry after just eating but it can also mean you’re thirsty. So drink a glass of water since alcohol and coffee will dehydrate your body.

Stop when you’re full. When you feel you have eaten enough immediately stop eating and start thinking about other things like socializing with the person sitting beside you at the table. If you still want to eat, try drinking a glass of water first. Usually, the sensation of hunger is you being thirsty.

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