San Antonio Personal Trainer Explains Interval Training for Big Results

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Interval training uses short bursts of intense exercising followed by a slow, steady exercise phase to keep your heart rate high. The high intensity burst will cause a build-up of lactic acid, and during the rest phase your heart and lungs will be working at maximum capacity to deal with the excess of lactic acid. This means that by alternating high intensity bursts of exercise with slow rest sets will cause an overall higher level of exertion by your body.

Because interval training is so intense, it is perfect for those who do not have much time to spend at the gym or track working on their fitness. You are able to get the same cardiovascular benefits in a much shorter period of time by using interval training as opposed to conventional training. Interval training does not only increase the rate that your body burns calories and fat during the workout, but also after you exercise as your body recovers.

The high intensity bursts that are a part of interval training will make your body more efficient at exercising with less oxygen. This means that you will end up with increased stamina as your body is able to work for longer. You will find that after using interval training techniques, it will take longer for you to become short of breath when exercising. This is because interval training will cause your body to become accustomed to lactic acid, and teach it to slow down lactic acid build up. Interval training is a high exertion form of exercise, and it is vital to warm up properly before attempting interval training.

Interval training is perfect for those who want to increase their endurance and stamina. It is also the best way to increase your ability to burn calories and fat.

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