Food Journaling is Good For Your Health

Food Journaling Food Journaling is Good For Your Health

Who has the time to add another chore to their to do list? I just know YOU are raising your hand, right? Yes, I’m talking to you. When it comes to your diet, it’s important that you keep a journal of what’s going into your body. Many financial experts insist that fiscally responsible individuals keep a record of his or her expenses. In a week’s time, this individual is able to take a look at their expenses and see exactly how they spent their money. Most often, they can then determine without making an emotional decision, how necessary that purchase really was. This method can help one realize the error of their financial ways. Since this is such a successful way to take control of your finances, why would your health and wellness be any different?

Make a journal of what you’re eating each day. Write down (or record in an online journal) how that food was prepared – was it from a fast-food restaurant or did you prepare it from scratch? Was it lean beef or deep-fried chicken? Also, make note of the times you consumed each meal and each snack. These are all important things you need to know, along with how satisfied you felt after it was consumed. Truth is, you may only stop to think about it minutely if you continue to go about your life without journaling. However, if you start to take notes, you will think about it in detail once you see it on paper. It’s easy to inhale a quarter-pounder with fries plus a soft drink, throw away the evidence and act as if it never happened. However, the toll that behavior has on your body can cause significant damage to your most vital organs as time presses on. Be prepared and take note of your eating habits.

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