Nathaniel Dilworth, Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Consultant Shares Post-Workout Nutrition

Nate Call today Nathaniel Dilworth, Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Consultant Shares Post Workout Nutrition

A vital part of any workout, whether alone or with a personal trainer, is your post-workout nutrition. Reaching for your favorite snack food, rationalizing that you’ve earned it, or that you can afford the empty calories since you’ve burned so many from the workout, is is a very counter-productive mindset. The best thing you can do for yourself is to remain consistent in your goals and follow them through during the post-workout period.  Working out with a personal trainer is a very good way to stay consistent and to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

There have been some studies that suggest that instead of reaching for a sugar laden “sports drink”, drinking a glass of milk does more towards building lean muscle mass and replacing the electrolytes lost through a workout. This meal should combine a significant amount of protein, as protein works to rebuild and repair the damage you’ve inflicted upon your muscles during your workout, and in this case, some fast acting carbohydrates. If there is a time during the day to introduce high fructose sugar into your blood stream, it is immediately following a workout when the quick absorption into your bloodstream will help you recover more quickly and more completely. Bananas are a great standby for post-workout nutrition. Blend one into your protein shake and you have a quick, on-the-go, recovery in a bottle meal! Another excellent choice post workout would be a turkey sandwich with lean meat, or a simple trail mix made with protein rich dried fruits, nuts, and granola.

By following the simple tricks of choosing protein rich foods and fast acting carbohydrates after your workouts, all of the hard work won’t be sabotaged by your post workout nutrition choices. Nathaniel Dilworth San Antonio’ top personal trainer and Certified Nutrition Consultant will work with you to develop your personal workout and nutritional plan.

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