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chest workout Plateau Bustin by San Antonio Personal TrainerYou started a good fitness regime and your diet has been going great. You started liking what you saw in the mirror everyday and the visible results have been encouraging, but then suddenly you stopped seeing a difference. Your exercises have not changed and neither has your diet, you have been consistent yet somehow you can see there is no change. You think maybe it is in your mind and keep diligently on, yet still nothing. No it is not in your mind, you have hit what is commonly referred to as a weight loss plateau.  This is a common problem that Nathaniel Dilworth, San Antonio’s top personal trainer, hears each day from his prospective fitness clients.

You may ask…What does that mean? Simply put, your body has gotten used to your exercises. Our body is an amazing organism, we are designed to adapt and that’s exactly what the body has done when it hits a plateau. Your exercises become ineffective because your body knows what is coming and expects whatever you do.
So… on that same principle of expectation…you need to give the body something unexpected and always changing to break out of the plateau mode. Change up your work out and keep changing it up every few weeks.
When you exercise you burn up calories but what you want to aim for is burning these calories even when your exercise routine has been completed. What magic is this? It’s not magic..this plateau buster is something called interval training. It is not a difficult or expensive piece of exercise machinery, it is merely a systematic application of your ordinary exercises done in short bursts instead of the usual steady pace and length.

If say for example you like to run on the treadmill; then you run for three minutes at a normal speed then break out into a full out sprint for the next one minute, then once again go back to your normal pace for another three minutes, and repeat for up to 10 cycles per workout.

The same concept applies however, after a period of time performing these intervals they must also change. You can change the intensity of the intervals (increasing speed, reducing the rest interval, increasing the high interval, changing the resistance or adding an incline), or you can change the equipment you use to execute them.
This is one of the methods that San Antonio Fit For Life teaches to all of their personal training clients. Try this method two to three times a week in place of your regular, steady paced cardio workout. You will burn more calories in a 24 hour period, rev up that metabolism, and bust through that plateau in no time.

Come and talk to our personal trainers to see how you can find the right balance between holiday cheer and staying fit for life. You’ll find them at Fit for Life Personal Fitness Training, 2126 Jackson-Keller Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78213. Follow us on Facebook and  Twitter for the latest tips, tricks, and updates!

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