Personal Trainer in San Antonio Says, Rest: Crucial to Fitness

Personal Train Personal Trainer in San Antonio Says, Rest: Crucial to Fitness

Are you one of those people who think that rest is wasteful to your efforts in keeping fit? According to San Antonio’s top personal trainer, “You couldn’t be any further from the truth! Rest as part of a fitness program is very important as it allows your body to recover from wear and tear.” During work outs, your body’s energy level will be diminished and your muscles and connective tissues will experience minor tears and damage.

You will need to include rest in your exercise program so that your body recovers from all this. The tissues and muscles will be rebuilt and your energy levels will be restored. The physiological benefits of exercise will take place during the rest and recovery period – this is actually when muscle growth occurs! However, you shouldn’t take advantage and become lazy in the name of rest…put in more effort for maximum gain and allow for rest accordingly. Both exercise and rest if balanced properly, will give you great success in your program.

To achieve the balance between rest and workout, make maximum use of your training time but avoid over training and include both short term and long term rest. Short term rest, also known as active rest, is achieved by doing less strenuous exercises in between work outs instead of being completely inactive. Stretching and low intensity exercises such as walking are good examples. Also, vary the intensity and type of your training exercises to avoid injuries and achieve higher strength levels.

For long term rest, allow for at least one day per week of full rest. This is important for the good of your physical and mental health. Every few months, a few days in a row of rest will do wonders and you will return stronger and ready to work harder than ever. San Antonio’s top personal trainer, Nathaniel Dilworth, that many times clients will burn themselves out because they don’t allow for their bodies need for rest.

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