Top Personal Trainer in San Antonio Suggests Simple & Healthy Snacking for Weight Loss

Personal Training Top Personal Trainer in San Antonio Suggests Simple & Healthy Snacking for Weight Loss

It’s three in the afternoon at the office and there’s that familiar gnawing emptiness in your stomach. Did you skip lunch? breakfast? both? For much of today’s busy and harassed cubicle dwellers this is unfortunately an all too common scenario. The question is, how to maintain that weight loss goal and stay on track in the face of such seemingly insurmountable obstacles?  San Antonio’s top personal trainer, Nathaniel Dilworth says “the answer might surprise you”.

The best way to maintain that streamlined figure and obtain for yourself a much needed energy boost at the end of the day is through simple and healthy snacking. Multiple scientific studies have shown that simply starving yourself is not the answer to a more svelte figure, nor is cutting out entire food groups. Rather, the best long term results have come from establishing simple and healthy snacking habits.

Some of the best snacks are those with a high protein content. A handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg, a piece of cheese or a turkey sandwich made with lean meat are all excellent options to stave off the fatigue and extreme hunger that lead you to consume far more than you need in order to satisfy a craving. Keeping in mind that it takes about 20 minutes to convey the feeling of satiation to the brain is also of utmost importance in maintaining a permanently slim profile. Knowing the “anatomy” of a craving and that it WILL pass can sometimes help you to wait it out and not give in.

San Antonio personal trainer and weight loss experts also agree that eating five small meals during the course of the day is the best way to maintain a stable glucose level in your system, and thus avoid the bingeing that can occur on an empty stomach. This means that by simply eating several small meals and incorporating simple healthy snacking into your routine you are actually closer to achieving your goal weight than if you deny yourself meals or food groups

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