How San Antonio Weight Loss Boot Camps Can Add Years to Your Life

boot1 How San Antonio Weight Loss Boot Camps Can Add Years to Your Life

Fitness is no longer a hobby but a requirement of modern life. Your body is designed for a challenging, active lifestyle and performs best at that level. Sitting in front of a computer or ordering in pizza is an easier life, but it quickly saps your health and reduces the number of healthy, fulfilling years you can enjoy!

In San Antonio, our Fit For Life center offers several paths to a healthier way of life. Our fat loss boot camps challenge and improve your body’s fitness levels, which can add years to your life!

Heart and blood profile

Fit For Life boot camps involve a lot of cardiovascular exercise, that really works your heart, lungs, and blood circulation. Our certified personal trainers keep a close eye on your fitness levels, making sure you get the right intensity in all your workouts. Within weeks, your heart is more effective at pumping blood. At the same time, your blood lipid profile improves (that is, your cholesterol levels), reducing your risk of many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

Boot How San Antonio Weight Loss Boot Camps Can Add Years to Your Life

Muscle strength

Fat loss boot camps also focus on building up and toning muscle. This helps to burn calories more efficiently, especially in the long-term. Stronger muscles also mean increased support for your bones and joints, reducing risk of injuries. Of course, toned muscles also help you look and feel great!

Stamina and energy

Some people are unable to cope with traditional exercise regimes because they get tired easily. At boot camp, our personal trainers keep mixing up the routine: today you could be doing squats, while tomorrow you’ll be struggling with push-ups. This type of varied exercise routine keeps members motivated and interested. High intensity exercise also boosts stamina and energy, both important in living a long, fulfilling life.

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