San Antonio Fit For Life Takes on the Holiday Season!

holiday1 San Antonio Fit For Life Takes on the Holiday Season!Let’s face it: most people do end up gaining a few extra pounds during the holiday season. After all, the next few months are all about celebrating life, friendship, and family. At Fit for Life, we think you should enjoy these special times, but we also want you to stay fit and healthy!

With Halloween only weeks away, our personal trainers think this is the perfect time to get prepared for all those extra calories. With the right exercise plan and positive motivation, we can help you sail past the holiday season. We want you to greet 2012 with a fitter body, more confidence, and a winning attitude!

San Antonio Fit for Life workout programs are a good way to keep the holiday flab away. Our personal trainers have designed these to increase energy and stamina in a short time. Of course, this means challenging workouts, but you spend less time at the gym: very important when holiday shopping needs to be done and dinners need to be planned and prepared!

holiday11 San Antonio Fit For Life Takes on the Holiday Season! At Fit for Life, we know that food is a major element of a successful workout program. If you are doing high intensity exercise, your body will need healthy energy from a balanced meal. Our nutrition experts can help with recipes that let you whip up traditional favorites that are high on taste, but low on fat and sodium. It’s also a good idea to avoid too many processed foods during the holiday season. Another easy way to resist holiday weight is to get more active around the house. If you increase your activity levels, you can naturally burn off some of the extra calories from all that yummy food.

Come and talk to our personal trainers to see how you can find the right balance between holiday cheer and staying fit for life. You’ll find them at Fit for Life Personal Fitness Training, 2126 Jackson-Keller Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78213. Follow us on Twitter for the latest tips, tricks, and updates!

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