San Antonio Personal Trainer Wants You to Eat Well Before You Workout

eatwell San Antonio Personal Trainer Wants You to Eat Well Before You Workout

Nope, that headline is not a mistake! Our San Antonio personal trainer wants to make sure you have a good meal before you hit the exercise floor. The reason is simple: your body needs energy for working out, especially those muscles! After all, any good fitness routine includes some form of weight training that helps you develop and tone muscles. This is a great way to burn extra calories, lose that extra flab, and feel great about life again!

The problem is that some people end up eating less and still want to train with weights. That is a recipe for disaster with any exercise program. When you lift weights, your muscles desperately need glycogen, which is the form in which carbohydrates are stored by your body. If you haven’t eaten well before your workout, your glycogen levels will be low leading to tired muscles, reduced stamina, and your body becoming WEAKER instead of stronger.

Eat well San Antonio Personal Trainer Wants You to Eat Well Before You Workout

Our San Antonio personal trainer suggests a couple of small, planned meals before a good workout. The goal is to give your muscles some good quality carbs at just the right time. The first meal should be at least 3 to 4 hours before you exercise. Try some simple foods such as whole grain cereal, bread, pasta, or fruit, and be sure to include some lean protein. About an hour before hitting the gym, have a small snack or energy drink to make sure your properly fueled and ready to go.

Try following our personal trainer’s advice and you’ll notice a  difference almost immediately. Your body will have the energy it needs to perform. You’ll see increased endurance, which means you can really push yourself and get the best out of every workout session!

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