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Bootcamp1 Join the Fit for Life Personal Fitness Training Boot Camp Program The primary objective of weight loss boot camp is to assist individuals in losing weight. A stronger body and improved cardiovascular health are also some of the benefits that come with joining a boot camp. Ideally, each individual should exercise not only to look great but ultimately, to be healthy.  However, a great number of people struggle to find the time to work out. In situations like these, joining a boot camp fitness program can be your best option.

In boot camp, we train individuals with exercises of varying intensity all day.  The environment is somewhat similar to a military camp and the programs are specifically designed to push people to work harder throughout the workouts in order to achieve weight loss and improve fitness.

The fundamental exercises in boot camp include squats, push-ups and suspension exercises.  The actual programs performed in the boot camp vary day to day because people by nature tend to get bored when asked to do the same workouts over and over.  Workouts designed as fun games are included to address that issue of boredom.

Aside from the fitness aspect, the boot camp program also focuses on proper nutrition. Fit for Life trainers at San Antonio know that to lose weight, one must change their views on fitness and nutrition.  Therefore, nutritional counseling is always included with our programs.

Clients of San Antonio Fit for Life are assured to have the best of everything: training, cardio, nutritional program and counseling is all provided to help them attain their goals of losing weight, and becoming fit and healthy!

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