Jessica Biel: Gyms in San Antonio and How She Keeps Fit

Jessica Biel: Gyms in San Antonio and How She Keeps Fit

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Every time I open a lifestyle magazine and see a model or celebrities looking like a million dollars I ask myself, why can’t I look like that? I probably could if I put my mind to it. Who I would really like to look like is Jessica Biel. That woman has a body to die for! She is buff without looking masculine and overly toned. I recently read an article on how she keeps herself looking like that. It turns out that she combines a workout with yoga which helps her stay toned and physically and mentally fit. She tops it off by eating healthy. According to her trainer, here’s what she does to stay fit and look the way she does:

She warms up with five-minutes on the treadmill and about five minutes of stretching. Then she moves on to something called the walking lunge. This helps stretch the upper thigh muscles and the muscles in the buttocks. This is done by taking a large step forward with one leg, pulling the other one alongside and then taking a large step forward with that leg. This should be done 8 to 10 times for each leg.  We do this as well which is not taught in most Gyms in San Antonio.

 She also does sprints – 200m, 150m and 100m — that too after a half-mile jog! This is the cardio part of her workout which helps raise the heart rate.  It is a little hard to do this inside most Gyms in San Antonio , so you will have to do this outdoors.

She works on her core by hanging from a high bar or ring and pulling her knees up to around her waist. This helps flatten the tummy and should be done in three sets of 15 leg raises each.

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Stair jumping or plyometrics help strengthen the legs muscles and develops speed. Here she jumps up at least three flights of stairs, skipping a stair as she does so. She has also does what is known as jumping squats where she squats on a board, leaps into the air and land back on it a squatting position.

Weight training is an important part of her fitness regimen and she approaches it like a cardio workout. Each week she changes what she does, concentrating on one part of her body at a time. Squats, push-ups and pull-ups also feature as part of her workout and she though she uses light weights she does more sets.

For her waist, she targets her oblique muscles or what we know as ‘love handles’ by doing Russian Twists. She uses a medicine ball but you can also use dumbbells. She sits, with her knees bent and leans back slightly and moves the ball from one side to the next. She does three sets of 15 each.

For her shoulders and biceps, she stands with her knees bent slightly and does curls using 10 pound weights. She does three sets of about a dozen each.

Basically Jessica’s exercise regimen is very much like any top athlete’s. Maybe that is the reason she is probably fitter and has a better body than many of her peers. If only I had her will power and intensity; perhaps I could look like her too. Maybe I’ll stop reading about it and try it her workout… one day.  We would love for you to have a body like this.  Don’t just go to any of the many Gyms in San Antonio and end up not getting the attention you need.

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