BootCamp San Antonio Reveals How to Find Your Inner Fountain for Youth

Bootcamp San Antonio Reveals How to Find Your Inner Fountain for YouthCouple biking BootCamp San Antonio Reveals How to Find Your Inner Fountain for Youth

I bumped into an old school friend outside a Bootcamp San Antonio a few years ago, a meeting that eventually changed my life. I must have met her after a good 15 years and she looked like she hadn’t aged a day! In reply to my remark about how well she was looking she said she worked at it. She did at one point lose herself in her work and kids and her health was affected. One day, however, she said enough was enough and decided to make time for herself and get fit and healthy. Her catalyst was the thought that in five years she would be turning 40, a time when age-related ailments are lurking around the corner. She didn’t want to be a high-risk for a heart attack, diabetes and blood-pressure problems.

She got me thinking, and reading up, on how to keep looking and feeling young. I learned that if you really want to feel young, the best way to go is to take care of your health and find your inner fountain for youth. The best anti-ageing serum is exercise and balanced meals which include lots of healthy proteins, green vegetables and high-fibre foods. Exercise won’t keep the grey hairs or wrinkles at bay forever but it will help you live a bit longer and keep you fit, supple and looking youthful. It also helps stave off diseases associated with growing older. These will come eventually but at least you can keep them off for a bit longer.

There is no getting away from exercise: in fact, weight training is the best way to retain muscle power or you can workout at the Bootcamp San Antonio. As you grow older, you start to lose muscle strength, mass and quality. This can be slowed down by regular exercising and you will find the little aches and pains you feel when getting out of bed in the morning disappear and daily chores that were beginning to feel like, well, chores, are easier to tackle.  You don’t have to do any heavy exercising; just some light weight training two-three times a week is good enough.

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Weight training also helps improve balance, another thing that declines with age. Yoga and tai chi are both known to help improve balance, so you can add this to your exercise regimen, too.  Also working out Bootcamp is the latest fitness trend that can get you into shape in no time at all.  As you grow older, you will also find that you become less flexible. You are not able to do certain things, like reaching up to the top shelve of your book case or bending to pick something up. Something as simple as a few minutes a day of stretching exercises will help lessen any stiffness in your joints and muscles. Walking and swimming are good ways to keep active and to keep the heart in good condition too. 

After reading all this, and remembering how well my school friend looked, I decided to find my own inner fountain for youth. Obviously one doesn’t show signs of age-related ailments at the age of 35 or 36, but there is no harm in starting early to try and beat the ageing process. It is hard work but when people I haven’t met for a while remark on how youthful I’m looking, it is all worth it.

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