Charlie Sheen: San Antonio Fitness :Working Out and Winning !!!!

Charlie Sheen: Working Out and Getting His Act Together: San Antonio Fitness Lesson

Charlie Sheen R  Charlie Sheen: San Antonio Fitness :Working Out and Winning !!!!

I would not normally use Charlie Sheen as an example of someone who treats his body like a temple! Wine, women and song have literally taken its toll on him and he’s been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons – his ouster from a popular sitcom, his drinking habits, alleged addiction to cocaine, late night orgy-type parties, failed marriages, domestic violence… it all seemed to be going terribly wrong for him.

So it would seem right to believe that he’s not all that into health and fitness, just as some San Antonio Fitness levels we have. It wasn’t always like this though, and I remember him in some of his early films where he looked almost Stallone-esque! Apparently in those days he was quite conscious of his health and exercised and ate healthy.  And he now says he is getting his act together after a stint in rehab and has got back to exercising. Well, he might as well do something with his time — he has enough of it on his hands, what with being an out of job actor!

Charlie Sheen Chuck Lorre beef 4  Charlie Sheen: San Antonio Fitness :Working Out and Winning !!!!

Anyway, he says he’s back on the wagon and is sober. He works out for two hours a day and starts off at 5 o’clock in the morning. His workout includes cardio and aerobics, jogging on the spot, running and weight training which will, I suppose, if he keeps at it, get him back to the lean and fit days and the physique he had around 20 years ago. Now he swears that there is no drug on earth that can give him a high like life does! Well, ok. We’ll see.

He also says getting the right diet is a must when working out and his comprises of solids and liquids (no, not alcohol!). His liquid diet comprises chocolate milk and the ‘naked juice’, whatever that means. An appropriate name though, coming from someone who has a penchant for ‘goddesses’ adorning his home!

All snide remarks apart, he drinks 16 ounces of the chocolate milk at a time and it is made up of 16 grams protein, a third of the daily amount of calcium the body requires in the day and carbs by way of 50 grams sugar. The whey and casein in the protein help to develop the muscle, according to him. While the whey is digested quickly, casein takes a bit of time but together they help in restoring the muscle after a workout. The ‘naked juice’ comes with 32 grams of protein and takes care of all the vitamin C the body needs on a daily basis. But it has a lot of sugar, 56 grams of it, so Charlie has that sparingly during the workout.  Our San Antonio Fitness Program will show you how to do this a little bit better.

For most part Charlie has never really been the muscular type and he is not known to be the most disciplined, either. Still, he seems to be determined to stay clean and get healthy and it looks like he is seriously trying to turn his life around. That may cause some derision in some circles, and even I have my reservations on how long he will be able to keep this up but for now I am happy to give him the benefit of the doubt.  No matter what, if Charlie Sheen is working out, you to should join a San Antonio Fitness Program. 

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charlie sheen muscle man winning  Charlie Sheen: San Antonio Fitness :Working Out and Winning !!!!

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